Helpful Hints for Storm Damage Claim

  1. Report damage(s) to insurance company and schedule inspection with the adjuster. We recommend having a reputable roofing contractor like Topline on hand during the inspection to maximize your claim.
  2. If you have a mortgage, your check will be made to the homeowner and the mortgage company.  We recommend to call your mortgage company and follow their instructions for them to endorse your check.  Also, ask your salesman, he will know the popular mortgage company’s rules.
  3. Deposit your endorsed check. Once the mortgage company endorses the check and returns it, you should immediately deposit the check and pay the “Materials Deposit” to get the work started.
  4. Check for permits and insurance. Most Cities require contractors to be registered with them to work in the community. Topline is fully insured and bonded and obtains all required permits.
  5. Thoroughly inspect completed repairs. Most insurance companies do not send out an inspector to assure the work was done properly; they rely on you to do this. Once you are satisfied with the work performed, your roofing contractor will invoice the Insurance Company. At this time, the Insurance Company will issue a second check (depreciation) to you.  This Check is to pay the Contractor for the work completed.
We understand this is a difficult time, disruptive to your life. Our goal is to assist you in getting things back to normal. . . Whether you choose TOPLINE ROOFING or another reputable company.